Ben Morton

 Ben Morton

 Ben Morton is a missionary working in Thailand. Ben loves to hear from members of the church and community, he can be reached at More information will be available shortly!

 Ben's latest report:

 Sawatdii Khrap (Hello)

It's been awhile. How is everyone?  Hope you are all doing well. The summer season has started early over here this year. It has been quite hot the last couple of weeks. It has been in the mid-90's. Most of you are probably enjoying the cold winter.

The school season will be ending in a couple of weeks and then on to teaching summer school. Ministry work is busy as well. Pray that we find translators from Thai to Cambodian. We are seeing a lot of people coming to the Lord. Praise God! God is faithful and you can see the fruit of your work if you remain faithful. I will be helping out with another ministry during the school break and visiting a new location in the Northern part of Thailand. These people are a mixed group of Thai and Chineese and they speak Thai and Garean (Hill Tribe language). I will be doing some discipling there for about a week. THe PCYM school is coming to an end and then it is preparation time for the next one. Our weekend ministry is seeing a lot of Burmese people coming to the Lord. I am always surprised in this day and age that so many people have never heard of Jesus at all. There is a lot of work that needs to be done. I will be starting a new English program for the Burmese people and that is a lot of preparation and translation for that.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers. Please continue to pray for encouragement and relationships.  Until next time, may the Lord continue to bless all of you. God's love never fails and never gives up.

                                                                                  In Him,

                                                                                  Ben Morton

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