Registration, Tuition, Fees

 Tuition is the weekly fee that you have contracted to pay when you signed the agreement form.

Sibling discounts apply to full time students only and NO DISCOUNT APPLIES IF ONE OR MORE IS AN INFANT. The discount for siblings is 15% applied weekly. Minimum enrollment is 3 hours for 3 days.


Full Time Care 

Infants to 12 months


 From 13-36 months


 From 37 months-5 years


 Summer School Age



Part Time Care (3 Day Minimum)

Infants-12 months


 13 months-5 years


 Summer School Age


All fees are based on a nine hour day. Overtime charges begin after the ninth hour at the following rates.


 6 Weeks-36 months


 37 months and up


Discount for full time daycare with nursery school enrollment is $20.00 off the monthly cost of nursery school.

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